Asos party dress haul

So I have been doing a spot of online shopping... As usual!

Getting in the festive mood I thought I would order a few party dresses and see if any of them were keepers. As we all know it’s so hard to tell if something is going to look nice online. So I am here to help!

Quick tip for shopping on ASOS that saves me so much time: ALWAYS use the filters, even if its just adding your size or price point, There is so much on ASOS you could spend all day strolling through, the filters are there for a reason and they really help! I cannot tell you the amount of times I have clicked on a dress I really like only to learn its sold out in my size.


Let me know what you guys are liking and if you actually end up ordering anything. There is a comment section at the bottom of the post, Tell me which dress is your fav :)

Missguided Dress on ASOS Click Here To Buy


I actually really like this Missguided dress on ASOS. I love the asymmetric style and the fact it has a chocker attached defo makes the accessory selection a lot easier!
This dress is good for those occasions that aren't completely special but still dressy.  


I wish I had some sort of strap on the bare arm, I think thats just a personal thing though because I'm not a fan of my arms,
Its also a bit short, I would like a few inches added on please! 

Kendal and Kylie dress from ASOS Click Here To Buy


The material is very luxurious, its really comfy and soft
Love the Cutout at the boobs and the good thing about it is that it doesn't interfere with you bra so you don't need to go and buy a special one


It was a very weird length, Online it looked a lot shorter on the model, but that is probably because she's a beautiful giant.
Even though the fabric felt very luxurious it wasn't exactly flattering! This one will definitely be going back! Sorry Kylie x

Endless Rose on ASOS Click Here To Buy


I LOOOVE this dress, I will definitely be holding on to this one, I love the mesh and lace details, the sheer part at the waist is great for highlighting your waist. This brand is defo one to watch on ASOS, they don't sell from their website because they only do wholesale but ASOS have most of their good stuff anyway.


Its a weee bit short! 

Noisy May dress on ASOS, Click Here To Buy


Sorry guys, I don't have any good things about this dress, I really liked it online, the sheer panels looked really cool but no, no no no, its not cool at all :( I don't understand, you can literally wear no underwear with it too! Don't buy it guys! I kind of want you to have a look at it on ASOS still though so you can see that it does actually look good on the model and you can see I'm not crazy

ASOS bow dress Click Here To Buy


I feel like a little princess present! Its so cute! 
I am loving flared sleeves at the minute and they are about to get very fashionable next summer.  I weirdly also love the bow, I didn't think I was a big front bow kind of girl but I guess I am! 

Make sure you leave me a comment and let me know whats your fav dress :) 

Lots of Love xx

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