Day ONE @ Coachella 2015

First day ever at Coachella was a day of learning and weirdly a very unicorny day!

Before going to the festival we had to check in to our very lovely 5 star hotel room we had for the weekend! We picked up our very exciting glittery wristbands! And received a lot of very shocked faces when asked where our hats and bandannas where (First and Second lesson)

So entering Coachella we stood in a 30minute long que for an ID check where they gave us a wristband to show we were 21 and older, as we then got in to the festival we quickly learnt there was a lot more ID stall then just the one at the front and they had NO que! (Third Lesson) 

Walking around to find a drink now that we have our beloved wrist bands only to figure out that you can only drink in the designated beer gardens ( Fourth Lesson)

Everything was $10! EVERYTHING! so safe to say we didn't bring enough money on the first day! (Fifth Lesson)

We got let down by George Ezra! and got our 2-1-2 on with miss banks then managed to get a picture with every animal we could find!

Outfit details: Top, shoes and denim shorts - ASOS, Sunglasses-Primark Bag-Skinny dip