Day THREE @ Coachella 2015

Saved our last day of our rollercoaster weekend to be the best!!

The day what we thought was a slug turned it to a Butterfly! (turnt out it was a caterpillar)

We found the Vodka bar! after a weekend of drinking beer and prosecco we finally found VODKA! and aircon at that! little gem of a thing hiding in one of the beer gardens! 

Snogs with Drake & Madonna,Firstly Travelling back to 2006 with a surprise from Black eyed peas, thinking were on stage with them! Kygo and then Drake and that Madonna snog! 

A lot of 'natural' posing happening as we had to take as many pictures as possible on our last night!

We then found out why people were shocked we didn't have bandanas! The super sand storm came! 

Soz, excuse the bags under my eyes! It was a busy holiday! Shorts- French Connection, Top - Missguided, Shoes and belt bag - ASOS, Face Gems - EBAY