Day TWO @ Coachella 2015

Learning that we will loose each other a number of times and that Coachella does the best pizza in the world!

Our hotel had shuttles in and out of Coachella all day but going in on our first early morning was by far the funniest! Armed with our plastic bottles of vodka and sprite we partied on the buss with our cowboy driver! 

Being a lot more prepared to what we will find on our second day! With lots of $10 notes on us we strolled past the first ID check and straight to the front of one inside! 

We then proceeded to loose each other ALOT! and guess what, Coachella is in the middle of the desert so phone signal isn't that great! We then learnt our spot where we previously planned to meet incase we got split up (which was what we thought was the Coachella slug) actually moved around the festival!  

Outfit details: Shoes, top and belt bag - ASOS, Skirt - TOPSHOP, Face Gems - EBAY Lipstick - MAC (morange)