We Dem Girls in the USA

Its hard to post our entire trip to America in ONE post so here is a snap shot! Contact me if you want any tips or more information on anything mentioned. 

After surviving our Great Western coach ride with Miss Truchbull as a buss driver it was our first night in Vegas!!! we went to Omnia night club! I don't know if it was because our bags didn't arrive in america till the day after we did and we were so happy to enjoy our selves or because of the magnum bottle of vodka that did it, but it is defiantly the best club I have ever been to!

Orange Coord - H&M


Heart Attack Grill in Old town Vegas was, erm.... an experience! Wine in a drip, Vodka in pill pots and the scary need to finish a burger or you will be spanked! Yes you heard right! If you don't finish all your food your waitress will spank you in front of the whole restaurant! 


Wet Republic Pool Party - By far our favourite day, definitely recommend getting a bed otherwise your kind of standing around, there is no where to sit if you haven't got one! You can also spend a couple of grand on a Champagne shower! 



XS Pool Party - We got a table again here but really you could walk around and do your own thing! a massive outside pool and loads of places to stand - Defiantly recommend this club, I had never been anywhere like it!



Beverly Hills Hotel - We went for a gorgeous brunch! This is a hotel of girlie dreams! Literally looks like Barbies holiday home! Theres so many different rooms to eat/drink in, we booked the Polo Lounge which is outside. its a must to go and check out! 

Playsuit-ASOS Shoes-TOPSHOP Bag-H&M Sunglasses-MIU MIU