✨Mango does Valentines day✨

Anyone else noticed that there is nothing in the shops at the minute?
I have been browsing my normal 'go to' online shops for a while, looking for some amazing new bits for my weekends away but nothing! its depressing. Then I stumble across a gorgeous playsuit on the Marie Claire website from, MANGO. I feel like its one of those shops that randomly have one or two nice things in it but never anything that consistent, the prices are also a bit like Zara were some of them are quite surprising. Anyway, back to my point.. at the minute its actually got some really nice pieces, perfect for a casual/smart outfit for valentines day! I especially love the pink loafers.... now theres an idea for my next blog post! There definitely a massive trend at the minute whether we like it or not!

Enjoy my Mango top picks below! 

Eleanor Dixon2 Comments