The New Way To Wear Your Shirt

While I was in China I don't think there was a day spent without going into a small clothing shop filled with weird and wonderful bits. I’ve been looking for a cool shirt for a while, and when I saw the one I'm wearing above I fell in love with how weird it was. Mine has a lace insert around the neck, but this is so easily copied by putting a little lace top underneath. You could also stick a basic round neck tee under an off the shoulder shirt for a more casual look -- or for those days when your tan isn't on point!

This whole new look for the standard shirt makes me so excited because there are so many different takes on it, which makes it super easy to buy into the trend. Luckily for us, my best friend ASOS has loads of options which means you don't actually have to go all the way to China to mix things up! So I've gone through the massive beast that is ASOS and put my fav picks below. If you like something, click on the images below and it'll bring you straight to the product page...

... you're welcome 😋

Hope you enjoy, lovelies! 

Eleanor Dixon2 Comments