Coachella Take 2! Day One

And Im BACK at Coachella!! 

So we have been there done that! This is the second time so we came knowing what to do! Walk past the first ID check! take a bandana and lots of money!! 

This time we decided to camp, well Glamp really. Theres a massive stage and lots of stalls and events we missed last year because we were staying in a hotel and had to get the last buss back so determined to not miss out we thought 'hey! how bad can it be'

 So I am in no way a camping girl! I need electricity at all times! We arrived late the night before it started and I was thinking 'You know what girls! I can do this!' And thats what I did think, until 6am the next morning when our tent turn in to a sauna! It was so hot my makeup was dripping off my face as fast as I was putting it on!

Although it was beyond hot it was also beyond beautiful! We had the bigger tents just behind the lake that was surrounded by the gorgeous colourful tipis!